Escape from Alcott Elementary II

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Alcott School, On the Road Again

I was standing in my room with Bonnie when we heard Armand screaming louder than I had ever heard him. We ran back to the media center.

“I don’t know what’s wrong,” whaled Matilda as she added to the chaos.

Bonnie went to comfort him. I went to get the rest of the kids. They were with Havier loading up the last of the supplies.

I saw the hordes, scratch that, the mega-hordes before I saw them. I had never seen  so many of them in one place. It was as if they just went on forever.

Havier looked at me and saw how pale I had become. Slowly he looked towards the road and saw the wall of the Undead draggingthemselves towards us. Some were even running…

“Holy shit,” exclaimed Vincent.

Holy shit was right. It was one of those scenes that you would. Ever believe unless you were there.

Havier tossed whatever else was left onto the bus. I back pedaled into the bus. Armand was still screaming.

“Everybody! Get to the bus! NOW!”

Matilda left Armand and ran for it. I had never seen that woman move so fast. Bonnie and I grabbed Armand and together we ran out of the school. The first of the hordes were already in front of the school. We were all on the bus when we realized that we had missed one very important part of this escape plan…

The key for the bus.


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